Note about Amazon links on this web site

Some people have suggested I publish some of the material on my web site and sell it for a profit, but I prefer to keep everything available for free because after all, the web is all about free stuff.

But... this web site does have a TIP JAR in the form of Amazon links.

And the tip comes out of Amazon's big pockets, and not yours.

If you click on a link and buy something at Amazon, a few pennies per dollar goes into my Amazon account, and eventually I can apply the amount to an Amazon order. In the past I have used these points to buy a Bible and some sketchbooks.

Even those who don't like Amazon ought to like this idea; instead of letting Amazon keep all the profit, you can pry a few pennies from their fingers make them share it with your buddy who gives you free stuff.

If you can find the same items at a local brick and mortar store, then by all means go there instead and help keep them in business!