Optional ink converters and adaptors for Japanese fountain pens

In response to many requests, I went out and bought a bunch of converters at full retail prices including sales tax (I don't have access to wholesale deals).

These are available for an extra fee with any pen purchase from my web site. With each pen purchase, you may buy up to five converters or adaptors from the chart below -- regardless of the maker -- so you can pick up a converter for your other pens at the same time.

Just add the amount for the converter(s) or adaptor(s) to your payment. I will send these with your pen so there is no additional shipping charge.

These are not for sale apart from a pen purchase. I apologize for this, but I don't want to get bogged down with a flood of small transactions and extra trips to the post office just to send converters because this prevents me from getting my other work done.

If you want just a converter or adaptor by itself, they are usually available from sellers on my vendor list.

Pilot converter CON-20
Fits all pens that take current Pilot/Namiki cartridges pens
5.00 USD (with pen purchase)
Pilot converter CON-W
For pens that take old Pilot/Namiki "Double Spare" cartridges
No longer available (see note below)
Sailor piston converter
Will fit some Sailor pens depending on size of barrel.
8.00 USD (with pen purchase)
Platinum piston converter
Will fit some Platinum pens depending on size of barrel.
8.00 USD (with pen purchase)
Platinum cartridge adaptor
For using international cartridges in all Platinum pens (1 cartridge included).
3.00 USD (with pen purchase)

Note about the Pilot converter CON-W: Pilot has placed strict limitations on the sales of this special converter, making them very hard to obtain. I have just enough in stock to include only one CON-W with any pen that requires one.

Note about the Platinum cartridge adaptor: Platinum ink cartridges are hard to find outside of Japan, so Platinum has addressed this problem by producing this special adaptor which will allow international ink cartridges (a.k.a. European or standard or universal) to be used with all their pens. International ink cartridges are made by several companies including Montblanc, Pelikan, Rotring and Waterman and come in a wide variety of colors.

Please also note: Once you insert the adaptor in a pocket type pen, it will most likely stay firmly in the pen even when you remove the cartridge. Since the pocket type pen has a deep cartridge chamber, removal of the adaptor would require long slim needle nose pliers and you might have to unscrew the threaded connector and ring first (not as difficult as it sounds). This is not a bad thing if you plan to only use international cartridges, which are much easier to find then Platinum cartridges. In longer, full size pens, the cartridge chamber is relatively shallow, and you can grasp both the cartridge and adaptor in your fingers and remove them together.