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I've been carrying these cheap spiral bound sketchbooks in my pocket for years, and have gotten into the habit of sketching people on the subway here in Tokyo.

I buy these locally at a small art supply store. I've written more about these sketchbooks and the shop here.

Although I'm constantly trying new sketchbook sizes and papers, I always come back to these sketchbooks.

The paper isn't great, and the quality varies quite a lot, but these are so convenient for this type of sketching -- and so cheap -- that I don't mind taking chances.

After a few years I pulled out the wire, trimmed the pages to make them narrower, and started carrying them in a mini six-ring binder along with my watercolor palette, plus a ring of tissue paper I stapled together and a waterbrush.

mini binderYou have probably seen these sketches scattered throughout this web site in various sizes, but I decided to put them all in one place, mainly for my own reference.

In order to do this right, I took new photos of the same sketches. I was a bit surprised to find out how many sketches were in the collection.

The I used a photo editing program for the Mac called Graphic Converter, to batch convert these into web images plus thumbnails, and automatically create this web page (which I tweaked, of course).

Not every sketch was worth uploading, especially on a subway where people are constantly moving, but here are some of the better ones.

I can't find the other spiral bound pocket sketchbooks which I produced before 2014 (they're somewhere around here, I just don't know where), but the sketches here are from January 2014 to March, 2017.

Each sketchbook page will have navigation arrows at the top and bottom.

sb20140119.png sb20140120b.png sb20140121a.png sb20140121b.png sb20140123.png sb20140218.png sb20140228.png sb20140301b.png sb20140301c.png sb20140301e.png
sb20140303.png sb20140304.png sb20140307a.png sb20140307b.png sb20140307c.png sb20140308a.png sb20140308b.png sb20140308c.png sb20140308d.png sb20140310a.png
sb20140310b.png sb20140310c.png sb20140311.png sb20140314a.png sb20140314b.png sb20140315.png sb20140317b.png sb20140322a.png sb20140322c.png sb20140324a.png
sb20140324b.png sb20140324c.png sb20140325a.png sb20140325b.png sb20140325c.png sb20140327.png sb20140327b.png sb20140328.png sb20140401a.png sb20140401b.png
sb20140401c.png sb20140402.png sb20140408b.png sb20140410.png sb20140411.png sb20140414a.png sb20140414b.png sb20140415.png sb20140418.png sb20140421.png
sb20140421a.png sb20140421b.png sb20140825.png sb20140828.png sb20140905.png sb20140929.png sb20141009.png sb20141016.png sb20141017.png sb20141020.png
sb20141021.png sb20141023.png sb20141025b.png sb20141027.png sb20141030.png sb20141106.png sb20141127.png sb20141129.png sb20141226.png sb20150108a.png
sb20150108b.png sb20150108c.png sb20150109a.png sb20150109c.png sb20150110d.png sb20150113c.png sb20150113e.png sb20150116b.png sb20150117.png sb20150119a.png
sb20150119b.png sb20150120.png sb20150123b.png sb20150124.png sb20150126.png sb20150128.png sb20150129c.png sb20150130.png sb20150131.png sb20150201.png
sb20150202.png sb20150207.png sb20150210.png sb20150212.png sb20150213.png sb20150215.png sb20150216.png sb20150217a.png sb20150217b.png sb20150414.png
sb20150420.png sb20150424.png sb20150508.png sb20150509.png sb20150512.png sb20150516.png sb20150518.png sb20150526.png sb20150601.png sb20150602.png
sb20150603.png sb20150615.png sb20150615b.png sb20150618.png sb20150622.png sb20150701.png sb20150706.png sb20150707.png sb20150712.png sb20150713a.png
sb20150715.png sb20150717a.png sb20150722.png sb20150722b.png sb20150727.png sb20150731.png sb20150803.png sb20150804.png sb20150806.png sb20150811.png
sb20150812.png sb20150817.png sb20150821a.png sb20150821b.png sb20150821c.png sb20150824.png sb20150825.png sb20150827.png sb20150829.png sb20150831.png
sb20150901.png sb20150902.png sb20150904.png sb20150905.png sb20150907.png sb20150908.png sb20150911.png sb20150914.png sb20150915.png sb20150916.png
sb20150920.png sb20150922.png sb20150925.png sb20150926a.png sb20150926b.png sb20150927.png sb20151004.png sb20151005.png sb20151007.png sb20151014.png
sb20151016.png sb20151017.png sb20151021.png sb20151026.png sb20151027.png sb20151030.png sb20151101.png sb20151109.png sb20151110.png sb20151111.png
sb20151116.png sb20151117.png sb20151118.png sb20151120.png sb20151121.png sb20151124.png sb20151125.png sb20151128a.png sb20151128b.png sb20151128c.png
sb20151201.png sb20151201b.png sb20151202.png sb20151204.png sb20151205a.png sb20151205b.png sb20151205c.png sb20151207.png sb20151209.png sb20151212a.png
sb20151212b.png sb20151214.png sb20151215.png sb20151216.png sb20151218.png sb20151219.png sb20151226a.png sb20151226b.png sb20160105.png sb20160108.png
sb20160109.png sb20160112.png sb20160113b.png sb20160115.png sb20160118.png sb20160120.png sb20160123a.png sb20160123b.png sb20160123c.png sb20160125.png
sb20160203a.png sb20160203b.png sb20160208.png sb20160213.png sb20160216.png sb20160217.png sb20160222.png sb20160223.png sb20160224.png sb20160319.png
sb20160320.png sb20160322.png sb20160323b.png sb20160325.png sb20160328.png sb20160329.png sb20160412.png sb20160416.png sb20160418.png sb20160419.png
sb20160425.png sb20160426.png sb20160427.png sb20160506.png sb20160507.png sb20160510.png sb20160620.png sb20160826.png sb20170214.png sb20170215.png
sb20170215b.png sb20170221.png sb20170222.png sb20170224.png sb20170225.png sb20170302.png sb20170303.png sb20170306.png sb20170307.png sb20170310.png
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