Part 5: Fall 2017 to Present

Ink drawings in Trading Card size

ATC (Artist Trading Cards) are popular because they can be traded and collected just like any other trading cards. On the other hand, ACEO (Art Cards, Editions and Originals) can be sold for money rather than traded for other cards.

Hmmm, what if you get an ATC in a trade and later decide to sell it, or what if you buy an ACEO and decide to trade it later for another card? I'm confused.

I am not a card collector, and I don't want to start a new hobby. I enjoy drawing and painting these cards, but I'm not interested in swapping them for other artists' cards. So I lean more towards ACEOs.

I'm thinking now that my particular style of ink brush drawing and watercolor painting could be well suited for selling as ACEOs but I have mixed mixed feelings about it. Why? Because after I sell the art, I don't have it anymore. And after I spend what little money I get for the art, I don't have that either. So I end up with nothing.

Anyway, here are my first ACEO cards. I have set up a new separate web page for selling them. If they sell, I'll remove them from the sales page and retain them on this page.

I may end up with nothing, but at least I'll still have these scans.

ACEO 001 ACEO 002
ACEO 003 ACEO 004
ACEO 005 ACEO 006
ACEO 007

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