Sketches with notes (April, 2005)

I'm making an effort to write more notes in the margins of each sketch, turning my sketchbook into more of a sketch journal. For this page I decided to type the notes as well, just in case they are not legible. They are usually written spontaneously on the spot, and are therefore not subject to subsequent editing.

These sketches were all from the same F2 sketchbook (approximately 8 X 10 inches). I filled it in 10 days, which is very fast for me!

"I used both graphite pencil and black color pencil for lines. The graduaton from gray to black in the main parts is surprisingly good. I need to remember that. 6B graphite smudges when painted. First, pencil, then watercolor, then black color pencil."

"Two people waiting for the bus at Ojima 3 chome. April 7, 2005. Ink & brush pen, watercolor with waterbrush pen. Beautiful afternoon. I stood across the street with my back to a wall. People don't stop and stare over my shoulder when I'm standing."

"April 8, 2005. Bell on temple grounds during height of cherry blossom period in Nerima-ku, late afternoon, extremely windy."

My notes got cut off during the scan; here they are: "April 10, 2005. First, pencil contour drawing, then brush pen & ink, trying to not be messy with excessive lines. Then hatching with the fountain pen. Finally watercolors, trying to remember tonal values."

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