Art Card Original

Original Ink and Watercolor Art Cards for Sale

These are all original ink drawings done in carbon ink with a weasel hair brush for the most part and a stiff nib pen for a few details.

They are colored with artists' quality watercolor paint, both Winsor and Newton and Holbein.

Each card takes a few hours to produce.

The size of these cards is 2.5 X 3.5 inches (64 X 89 mm), standard trading card size.

This is also the standard size for Artist Trading Cards (ATC) and Art Cards, Editions and Originals (ACEO).

These are based on my original sketches of people on the trains and subways here in Tokyo; I have filled dozens of sketchbooks over the years.

ACEO 001
ACEO H29001
ACEO 002
ACEO H29002
ACEO 003
ACEO H29003
ACEO 004
ACEO H29004
ACEO 005
ACEO H29005
ACEO 006
ACEO H29004
ACEO 007
ACEO H29005

envelope and sleeveEach card has my logo stamped on the back (the same as the one at the top of this page).

On the back, beneath the logo, I have also written the place (Tokyo, Japan) and the year, plus my signature.

Each card will be shipped in a plastic sleeve in a small envelope that also has my logo stamped on it.

These are then placed in a larger regular envelope for mailing.

The price for each card is $12.00 USD.

Standard airmail shipping is free.

That means that anyone living outside of Japan gets the greatest bargain!

Ordering information

How to order:

Send an e-mail to to inquire about the card's availability.
This is my wife's e-mail as she is the actual seller of these cards, she takes them to the post office, and she keeps the money.
I would rather draw and paint than sell cards, but I will reply on her behalf to any inquiries in English. Japanese inquires will get a reply from her.

Payment Options:

Paypal (US dollars please)

If you live outside of Japan, please do not pay in Japanese yen if you can help it.
The Paypal ID is

Postal International Money Orders

You get them from the Post Office.
Ask me about the payee name and address before you fill it out.

There may be other payment options, but you would need to contact me first.

(I wonder if there is any interest in Rice Ball Guy ACEOs?)

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