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221B Baker Street
Book About Sketching
Recommended art books
Sketching with a Moleskine
Postcard Sketching
The Pentel Multi 8 Colored Pencil
Sakura Koi Field Set
The Baseball Team Logo
The Yatate
Hokusai 3D
Hokusai landmarks


Kirishitan Sites in Tokyo
Several ways to sing the Psalms
Singing the Psalms with a Lyre
Some psalter reviews
Why did I become a Catholic?
Why not the Orthodox Church?
The African Breviary
A look at some "Shorter" Breviaries
Revised Grail Psalms Deluxe Edition
The Prayer of the Church
Green Scapular images
Brown Scapular images
St. Benedict Medal Design resource
St. Benedict Medal blessing
A look at the ESV-CE
That Mysterious Ordinariate in Japan
Useful Resources
Resources for singing Psalm Tones
Douay-Rheims still a great choice
Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Gregorian Chant the Liturgy of the Hours


Kirishitan Sites in Tokyo
Hokusai 3D
Hokusai landmarks
Edo Castle
The Yatate
Vintage blotters


Penmanship links
Pilot MYU / Murex pens
Sailor Trident pens
Pens for sale
Modifying ink converters
Cartridge / Converter Dealers
Wajima urushi and maki-e
Vintage blotters
The Yatate


Russ' family tree

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